Students for
Consent Culture

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Our Mission

Students for Consent Culture Canada is an organization dedicated to supporting anti-sexual violence advocacy and activism on campuses across the settler colonial state known as Canada by serving as a hub of resources, tools, community, and institutional memory for student engagement. SFCC also engages in advocacy at the provincial and federal level to create better policies, practices and accountability measures to protect students. Our overall goal is to build relationships of solidarity across social justice movements and organizations to support cultures of consent on campuses and in our communities across Turtle Island.

On April 3rd, Students for Consent Culture released the OurTurn One Year Later Report memorializing and celebrating the impacts of the OurTurn National Action Plan. Read the report here.


Our Focus


Overseen by the Director of Advocacy with the immense support of the Advocacy Coordinators, advocacy at SFCC spans three levels–campus, provincial, and federal. This department takes the research done by the SFCC Department of Education and uses it to support its mobilization and push for change at all three levels.

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Overseen by the Director of Outreach, with the support of Mobilization, Communications, and other Coordinators, the Department of Outreach is responsible for mobilization and facilitating the network of connections between student groups and other organizations. This includes the work of “grading” sexual violence policies in collaboration with post-secondary schools.



Overseen by the Director of Education with the immense support of the Coordinators, Education within SFCC includes upkeep of our online resources for folks to access, the development of trainings, popular education materials, and our Research teams.

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