SFCC Bystander Intervention and Sexual Violence Prevention Training

The SFCC Bystander Intervention and Sexual Violence Prevention Training has been implemented at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario since Spring 2017. Over 1000 students have participated in the 90-minute peer-led training session since the Carleton University Students’ Association passed a motion to make it mandatory for Clubs & Societies seeking funding from the Association. SFCC is currently revising this training. Please contact to learn more.


SFCC Glossary

Click here to check out the SFCC Glossary that defines our interpretation of the terms we use in our anti-sexual violence work.


Resources for Perpetrators & Transformative Justice

Part of taking an intersectional approach to sexual violence is the recognition that anyone can be a victim of sexual violence and that, similarly, anyone has the capacity to harm. Because of our experience growing up within rape culture, we are often not given the tools to be able to see, acknowledge, unpack, and address the harm we have caused. We share these resources for folks who have perpetuated harm to be able to use when looking for resources or first steps toward accountability.

The reading or use of these materials on their own by no means is an accountability process in and of itself, and should not be treated as a ‘checkbox’ in addressing harm. Instead, we hope these links serve as a jumping off point for larger discussions both at the individual level and within communities of how we continue to perpetuate, and how we can begin to address and prevent further violence in our communities.  

Click here for our list of external resources for perpetrators, as well as resources for communities experiencing internal violence and folks who are interested in learning more about transformative justice.


Sexual Violence and the Law

  • Unfounded Investigation – Globe and Mail  

  • Putting Trials on Trial: Sexual Assault and the Failure of the Legal Profession – Elaine Craig

  • Troubling Sex: Towards a Legal Theory of Sexual Integrity – Elaine Craig

  • SEXUAL ASSAULT IN CANADA: Law, Legal Practice and Women’s Activism – Elizabeth A. Sheehy

  • Carnal Crimes: Sexual Assault Law in Canada, 1900-1975 – Constance Backhouse