Campus Advocacy

What we can provide to schools

  • Resources and assistance to create an on-campus student-led task force;

  • Survivor-Centric Motions (i.e. acknowledging rape culture and survivor rights);

  • Brochure templates and other promotional resources;

  • Advocacy Package (i.e. support in grading your policy, open letter campaign, etc);

  • Sexual violence prevention materials and training;

  • Support and awareness event templates (i.e. “Survivors Speak” or “What Were You Wearing?”);

  • Guide the Creation of an Internal Student Union Sexual Violence Policy (see below);

  • In addition to the resources already prepared, we are able to work individually with student unions/groups to continue developing resources as needed.

Student Union Internal Gendered and Sexualized Violence Policies

The student movement has historically been a place where a lot of gendered and sexual violence has occurred, whether at conferences, congresses, events, or at protests. It is time for us to begin to address this culture head on and remove predators from leadership positions in our movements, and holding each other accountable for the harm we cause each other in a concrete way. Student unions are gaps in jurisdiction within university sexual violence policies as universities have limited authority within student unions’ contexts of employment, official decision-making bodies, clubs, and services - necessary to maintain the independence of the union.

In 2017, after an outcry from their membership over mishandled complaints, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) began the process of creating an internal policy and procedure for dealing with gendered and sexualized violence, which after a year and a half of consultation, writing, and re-writing, was passed by the SSMU Legislative Council on October 11th, 2018. Members of our SFCC team were involved in this process, and our hope is that the SSMU’s Gendered and Sexualized Violence Policy (GSVP), and the work of the team who led the project, Caitlin Salvino, Bee Khaleeli, and Priya Dube, can serve as a document and process for other student unions to refer to and better in approaching this work for their associations. We encourage anyone who wishes to start a similar process to read through all of the documents here and to reach out to with any questions!

1) The GSVP Report - prepared by the GSVP team, this documents the events leading up to the creation of the policy, including consultations, approaches, and problems that the team ran into.
2) Motion to Adopt the Gendered and Sexualized Violence Policy - passed by Legislative Council

3) The SSMU Gendered and Sexualized Violence Policy - the actual governing document

4) The GSVP Implementation Guide - explains the GSVP in a more accessible manner
3) SSMU Example of centralization of Sexual Violence resources on their website

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