About SFCC

What We Do

Students for Consent Culture Canada is an organization dedicated to supporting intersectional and grassroots anti-sexual violence advocacy and activism on campuses across Canada by serving as a hub of resources, tools, and institutional memory for students to engage with.

SFCC also engages in advocacy at the provincial and federal level to create better policies, practices, and accountability measures to protect student survivors. Our overall goal is to work towards creating cultures of consent both on campuses and within civil society across Canada.

We are explicitly committed to an intersectional, anti-colonial, and emergent approach to anti-sexual violence work, many of us having lived the change in anti-sexual violence organizing on campuses before and after the #MeToo movement.

Our work takes place across Kanata (also known as Canada) on the unceded territory of different Indigenous communities. Sexual Violence is a symptom of the larger capitalist, colonial system that “Canada” is based off of and continues to perpetuate. We cannot speak of consent on campuses without also acknowledging, unpacking, and actively addressing the ongoing non-consensual relationship Canada has with Indigenous communities. We cannot effect change in a culture where sexual violence is an everyday occurrence without including addressing other forms of violence in our approach.

Image of Caitlin Salvino and Connor Spencer in front of a building, holding signs that read: "We believe survivors" and "Intersectionality is a must"

When our institutions failed to take action to prevent sexual violence on our campuses, we made our own plan.


Our History

SFCC was founded by a group of students working on anti-sexual violence initiatives on campuses across Canada who initially connected through the creation and publication of the OurTurn National Action Plan – a national strategy/toolkit for student unions across Canada to implement pro-survivor policy and to address sexual violence on their campuses.

One year later, the work done by the organization greatly expanded beyond the Action Plan, and we reorganized ourselves under the new banner of ‘Students for Consent Culture Canada’ in order to better reflect the work we have found ourselves doing with, and in support of, students across the country.

Although still grounded in the fundamental principles of the Action Plan (namely prevention, support, and advocacy), our scope has grown from campus-focused work to include working on the creation of pro-survivor legislation and initiatives at the provincial and federal level that will impact the realities of students and student survivors on campuses across Canada.